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Web Design & Development

Stay Fresh with ISC Design & Development Services.
Our Primary Focus is on building reusable functionality that will meet the common needs of government entities.  We build accurate and efficient models that can be re-used for multiple purposes.

Our Main objective is to provide practical solutions that will allow government agencies to better serve citizens and save taxpayer dollars.

Our Overall strategy is to eliminate the need for skilled IT staff to be involved in everyday web maintenance.  This empowers our designers to think more creativity, and allows our developers to expand technical proficiencies and employ innovative concepts to complex problems.

Web Design

We believe design an important element in delivering an effective message, and is more than spacing, proportion, balance, grouping, contrast, color and flow.   In addition to aesthetics, we focus on the user experience, accessibility, scalability and adherence to government standards. 

Our use of advanced CSS techniques allow for a separation of design and data.  The end result is improved content accessibility - pages can be read by more people, more types of devices.

A large body of pre-coded “plug and play” solutions is available to help agencies and municipalities save money and increase customer satisfaction. Some of the more popular items include: Interactive Calendars, Event Registration, Online Forms and Surveys, Electronic Newsletters, ‘Opt-in’ Functionality to Subscribe / Unsubscribe to email notifications, Members Only Sections, and Automated Workflows for end-user website updates

Through the implementation of content management software and .NET development architecture, the Department of IT reduces website maintenance time and enables end-users to update select content on their own with an easy to use interface that requires no technical knowledge.

Application Development Services

The Department of Information Technology development team offers a variety of solutions to meet project needs and budget constraints.  Our developers use the .NET framework, which allows us to build more robust solutions with less time and effort than with previous development platforms. In addition, our use of industry standards, best practices and procedures results in more secure applications, better quality code, more reusable objects, better software quality performance & easier maintenance.

If your business applications require a change due to regulatory of efficiency requirements, contact us to find out how we can help.  We may have the right fit for your needs.  We currently support a variety of back-office applications and perform a wide array of integration.


Debbie Davtovich, Administrator

Eric Paliwoda, Web Development Manager