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Network Engineering

Expand your capacity with ISC network services

We provide a fully redundant public Internet presence, and are serviced by two Internet providers, with failover capabilities for each router, firewall, switch and load-balance device in our infrastructure.  We can provide either stand-alone server capabilities, or bring redundancy to the server level by taking advantage of our load balance appliances.  Our infrastructure can withstand multiple device and/or an ISP failure while still providing service.

Our Internet presence is currently serviced by both rack mount servers, and also a VMWare enterprise virtual server environment powered by HP blade servers and SAN storage.  Our virtual server environment reduces hardware costs and provides high availability by moving virtual servers to functioning blade servers in the event of a failed blade server. 

We have been issued our own public IP address block by IANA, so we are not affected by IP readdressing issues if we choose to change or add Internet providers.


Tim Peterson, Manager