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GIS Data

Do you have your own GIS software? There are a number of ways to get access to our data.

We have interactive GIS applications available:

Visit the Enterprise GIS Web Mapping Application on your computer, tablet, or mobile device!
Use the Help Guide for general information about the application and the data.
Use the "I want to..." menu to Identify features and export them to shapefiles, Excel files, or CSV files.

View Real Property parcel details and characteristics by going to the Online Property Search site.

Have an idea for an app? Feel free to share it with us via our Contact Page or email us directly:

Cuyahoga County ArcGIS Online Organization:
Access our public web services, geocoders, and applications Online!
Our AGOL Organization has web services for geocoding, addressing, aerial photography, and much more!

Need direct access to our REST endpoint? Please email:

Visit our ArcGIS Open Data page:

With ArcGIS Open Data, you can view it, map it, style it, chart it, download it or share it. How you use it is entirely up to you!  Open Data utilizes our web services and is our most up-to-date source.

We offer our data for download through an FTP server:
For instructions and access credentials, please send an email request to

Provide your name, organization/agency, and the data you are requesting.