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Welcome to the Department of Information Technology

Tell Us What You ThinkThe Department of Information Technology provides system integration and IT solutions to clients within county government and other municipalities. We promote the use of technology to expand the scope, scale and quality of services provided by the entities we serve.  We strive to deliver practical solutions, promote policies to make innovation sustainable, and work with intergovernmental partners to not only build systems and applications, but also facilitate collaboration and foster innovation.

Enterprise Resource Planning System Demonstration

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Why select the Department of IT?

IT leaders in the community including CIO’s at Eaton Corp, Progressive, Parker-Hannifin, Sherwin Williams, Key Bank, a partner at Deloitte, a deputy CIO from the State-of-Ohio, and owners at C.Trac and Fit Technologies have said:
“Web development is done well [...] the network and the web development team[s] are assets that can be leveraged county-wide.”
Source: Cuyahoga Charter Transition Advisory Group Information Technology Workgroup Recommendations